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The plumbing system in your home has a lot to do any given day. If something goes wrong, you will know about it sooner than later. You might even notice a leak in the walls, ceiling, or floorboards!

What are you supposed to do when you have a plumbing issue that needs fixed right the first time? Come to Turbo Plumbing & Rooter, of course! Our plumbing service specialists in Tarzana are the first choice for so many of your neighbors, friends, and community members already. Join the family by calling (818) 918-6297 as soon as you need some help with a plumbing problem.

Our commitment to you is doing everything we can to get your 100% satisfaction when the job is done. With a team of highly trained plumbers, high-grade equipment, friendly smiles, and competitive prices, we know you will love our services!

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A severe plumbing problem can leave you feeling completely hopeless, and when it happens outside of normal business hours, you probably feel even more lost. If you’re in Tarzana, you don’t have to worry — Turbo Plumbing & Rooter responds to service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Tarzana CA

A suburban area of Los Angeles, California called Tarzana is located in the San Fernando Valley. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ previous ranch is where Tarzana now stands. The fictional jungle hero Tarzan from Edgar Rice Burroughs inspired its name.

Spanish immigrants and missionaries who founded the San Fernando Mission colonized the area that is now known as Tarzana in 1797. The territory was then incorporated into Mexico, but it was returned to the United States in 1848 as part of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty, which ended the Mexican-American War. It changed into a collection of huge cattle ranches while under US control. In the 1870s, investors gained control and converted the pasture into a sizable wheat plantation.

In 1909, the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company bought the area. General Harrison Gray Otis, the publisher and founder of the LA Times, participated in the business and personally purchased 550 acres (2.2 km2) in the heart of contemporary Tarzana.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, the best-selling author of the Tarzan books, moved his family from Oak Park, Illinois, to California in February 1919. He had spent two winters with his family in Southern California, and he thought the weather there was perfect. Burroughs acquired Otis’s parcel on March 1 and started Tarzana Ranch. Burroughs sold the land after subdividing it for residential construction, and nearby small farms soon followed.

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