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One of the worst problems any homeowner will ever face is a sewer back up in their home. Not only does this issue stop you from using any water in your home, but you must also clean up a disgusting mess that can include dirty water, debris, and sewage. And in almost every case, the chaos, contamination, frustration, and expense could have been avoided. If you had been paying attention to how quickly their drains were clearing. Slow clearing drains are the indication of a sewer line problem that requires immediate attention from the sewer line repair specialists of Sherman Oaks, Ca at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter.

We are the full-service plumbing company that offers customers 24/7 emergency service and appointments in the evening and on the weekend to avoid complicating their busy schedules. Sewer Line Repair in Sherman Oaks, Ca is not all that uncommon. We know that problems like a clogged or broken sewer line can happen at any hour of the day or night. And we are here to help you when you need us the most. Just call (818) 740-6830, and our on-call licensed plumber will be dispatched to your home immediately. And once the problem with your sewer line is located, we will provide you with a complete price quote for the necessary repair before ever beginning to make the repair. This is our way of helping to avoid any unpleasant surprise when it’s time to pay the bill.

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Why Is A Sewer Line So Important?

You might be asking this question when you are searching for a licensed plumber to repair your damaged sewer line. And the answer is very simple. Your sewer line is the only pipe that carries all of the waste from your drains and toilets to the city sewer main. And when your sewer line is clogged or damaged, all of that waste is going to back up into your home.

What Causes Sewer Line Problems

When you think about what travels through your sewer line, you might be surprised that it does not get clogged more often. Fortunately, if you are mindful of the items that you wash down the drain and flush down the toilet, you will have very few issues with sewer line clogs. Just don’t allow small children to flush toys, socks, and other small items, and you will be fine.

The most common reason for a clog in your Sherman Oaks, Ca home’s sewer line is actual physical damage to the pipe. This damage could be caused when a tree root grows around the pipe and crushes it, when a shovel hits the pipe during a landscape project, or when the pipe becomes old and begins to deteriorate. But regardless of how the sewer pipe gets cracked, the result is always the same. Tress roots, dirt, and debris will enter the pipe through the crack and begin to create a blockage in the pipe. As the debris collects in the pipe or the tree roots grow, more waste and sewage from your home becomes tangled in the clog, until the entire pipe is blocked. This is when you begin to notice the bad smell and wastewater in your home. And also, when you should be grabbing your phone to call (818) 740-6830 to schedule an appointment with a sewer line repair specialist in Sherman Oaks, Ca.

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Fixing Your Sewer Line Issue

You are sure to be wondering how a Turbo Plumbing & Rooter licensed plumber is going to locate the issue in your buried sewer line. And the answer involves the use of a tiny camera. These micro cameras can be inserted into the sewer line to transmit pictures of the inside of your sewer pipe. This non-invasive process allows us to see any blockage in the sewer line as well as any damage to the pipe itself. And with that information and the location of the issue, we can create a complete price quote for the repairs to your sewer line.

While this might sound too easy, there is a great deal of skill required to operate the camera equipment and determine the exact location of the problem. But this modern process is far less destructive and time-consuming than the old method of digging up the entire sewer pipe. This means that our process is far more efficient and cost-effective for you. And we do not need to destroy your yard to repair your sewer line.

When you need a fast, reliable sewer line repair in Sherman Oaks, Ca, call the pros who have been fixing sewer line issues in Sherman Oaks, Ca for years. We offer 24/7 emergency service, fair pricing, and include a 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee on all of the work performed by all of the Turbo Plumbing & Rooter licensed plumbers.

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