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Sewer Line Repair And Installation Woodland Hills, Ca

Many homeowners are happy to tackle DIY projects around the house to save a few dollars. But smart homeowners know when the project is too challenging or requires the expertise of a professional. Sewer line repair and replacement projects are definitely a job that should be left to the pros at Turbo Plumbing. We are very proud to work in the Woodland Hills, Ca community and have the tools and skills needed to save you both time and money when you are experiencing a sewer line issue. Call (818) 740-6830 today and know that we offer emergency service, same-day service, and appointments in the evening and on weekends to allow for flexibility when scheduling with a Turbo Plumbing professional.

You will quickly see that we are not like all of the other plumbing companies in Woodland Hills, Ca. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with not only the best plumbing service in the area but also the best customer service experience. All of our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured. They also have passed a drug screening and background check before being hired. This is our way of making sure that you are completely comfortable when you open your door and greet a Turbo Plumbing plumber.

Issues with your sewer line are time-critical and require some expensive equipment to assess rapidly and accurately. There is no time to dig up the entire pipe to figure out what is causing the issue. Don’t risk flooding your yard or home with contaminated water and waste, call (818) 740-6830, and know that a trained professional will evaluate your sewer line issue and provide you with affordable options to eliminate the problem.

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Sewer Line Functions

There is really only one function that a sewer line performs, but it is a very critical one. This is the single pipe that connects all of your tub, sink, and shower drains, and toilets to the city sewer main. Without this one pipe, no waste can be removed from your home. When the pipe is intact, you never think about what happens to wastewater from your home. But when it is damaged or clogged, you quickly begin to panic as you imagine sewage and dirty water backing up into your home.

Sewer Line Issues

Clogs can occur in a sewer line, but only seldom is the clog due to something that was washed down a drain or flushed down a toilet. Most often, these clogs are the result of physical damage to the sewer line. The pipe can become cracked if it is hit with a shovel, has a large rock settle on to it, or when a tree root grows around it. In most cases, you have no clue that the integrity of the pipe has been compromised until you begin to notice that your drains are clearing more slowly or making odd noises.

When a sewer pipe becomes cracked, the nutrient-rich wastewater begins to leak out into the surrounding soil. This water acts as a natural fertilizer to any tree or plant roots in the area. Over time, the roots begin to vigorously grow in the direction of this new food and water source. And as the roots grow into the cracked pipe, the real damage occurs. The roots enlarge the crack, and a blockage begins to form inside the pipe. All the while, you have no idea that you will soon discover nasty sewage backing up into your tub, shower, or sink.

Repair VS. Replacement

A single leak in your sewer line does not mean that the entire pipe needs to be replaced. But if you are noticing reoccurring leaks and issues, then it is time to think about proactively replacing the whole line. As the pipe ages, it begins to break down just like every other material in your home. And continuing to make repair after repair can become costly. Replacement is a more cost-effective solution.

Even if your sewer pipe is not at the end of its industry-standard life expectancy, you might find that the many trees in your yard have caused a great deal of damage to the pipe. When this happens, it is best to consider a replacement and potentially removing some of the trees nearest the sewer line. A call to (818) 740-6830 is the best way to schedule an evaluation from the plumbers you can trust. A Turbo Plumbing pro will provide you with the information that you need to make a well-informed choice about replacing your sewer line.

How Turbo Plumbing Evaluates A Sewer Line

When you schedule a professional sewer line evaluation from Turbo Plumbing, we do more than just look at the ground around your sewer line and watch the water run down a sink or two in your home. Our pros are armed with the latest technology that allows them to view the inside of your sewer line. A tiny camera is inserted into the pipe to show any damage or blockages that might be causing your issue. From this evaluation, our plumber can determine if replacing your sewer line is the best option.

After the visual inspection, our pro will provide you with price quotes for any recommended work and show you the images that support his or her suggestion. At that time, you can accept our proposal for the repair or replacement, or solicit other options and price quotes from other plumbers in the Woodland Hills, Ca area.

At Turbo Plumbing, we know that our pricing is always very competitive and that our level of service is far superior to any other company. But we want you to be as sure of that as we are. Our no-obligation quote allows you to seek other bids before making your choice. However, finding a better price, parts and labor warranty, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee better than ours will be difficult if not impossible. Call (818) 740-6830 and know that Turbo Plumbing will do the job right and for a very affordable price.

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