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Leak Detection Woodland Hills, Ca

Any water leak in your Woodland Hills, Ca home is a cause for concern. Even the smallest leaks are a waste of water and money. But when you think that there could be a leak under the foundation of your slab home, your stress level is sure to skyrocket. Time is critical, and you need to call a professional plumber that you can trust to get the job done quickly and correctly. The top choice of your friends and neighbors is just one call to (818) 740-6830 to schedule a leak detection appointment with a Turbo Plumbing expert.

Our licensed plumbers have the tools and expertise needed to locate even the toughest hidden leaks quickly and economically. We never waste time knocking holes in your foundation to look for water. Our sound amplification tools let our pros actually hear the sound of the water dripping under your slab. This location process saves you both valuable time and money. Call (818) 740-6830 today, and know that we will have solutions for you today as well.

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Types Of Plumbing Leaks

All plumbing leaks fit into one of two categories. The overt leaks are the ones that are easy to see or hear. These leaks are also easy for a licensed Turbo Plumbing plumber to fix. It might be a leak in a pipe under your sink, or a drip coming from a faucet or shower, but the key is that you know where the leak is located.

The more tricky leaks are the ones that you can’t see or hear. These hidden leaks could be lurking under the foundation of your home for days or even weeks before you notice a lack of water pressure or get a large water bill. They are also the ones that hold the highest potential for causing massive damage to your home’s foundation and promoting the growth of toxic black mold.

To speak with an experienced leak detection expert, give us a call at (818) 740-6830. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

What Is A Slab Leak

Slab leaks are hidden under the concrete foundation of your home and can be very difficult to detect or locate. They occur when one of the water pipes under your house becomes cracked from soil shifting, or even due to the age of the pipe and deterioration. Left undetected, these leaks can begin to wash away the soil that is under your home and undermine the stability of your foundation. As soon as you suspect a slab leak, a call to (818) 740-6830 is critical.

Locating A Slab Leak

When a Turbo Plumbing leak detection specialist of Woodland Hills, Ca arrives at your home, the process of finding a slab leak is relatively simple. Our plumbers are all trained on the operation of sound amplification equipment that allows them to listen for the sound of water running under your home. This equipment is so accurate when used by a skilled operator that it will pinpoint the location of even a small water leak under a concrete slab. Never trust locating a slab leak to a handyman, unlicensed plumber, or try to find it yourself. The time that is wasted could result in severe water damage to your home.

Fixing A Slab Leak

The location of your slab leak will have a lot to do with the options for its repair. Our plumber will tell you the location and repair options as soon as he or she locates the leak. You will also be provided with price quotes for each repair option that is suitable for your situation.

Slab leaks can sometimes be accessed by digging under the edge of the concrete foundation. This allows our plumber to make the repair from outside your home. Another option is to abandon the leaking pipe and install a new pipe in the floor, walls, or crawl space of your home. This solution also eliminated the potential for the same pipe to develop another leak in the future. Both options are relatively cost-effective and can often be completed in less than a day.

The last resort for repairing a slab leak is to cut a hole in your foundation to access the leak. While this might sound awful, it is not really that bad. Our location equipment lets us pinpoint the leak so that the access hole is tiny. Once we make the repair, we will test it and then patch and clean up the area for you. And as with any work completed by Turbo Plumbing, you have a full warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee backing our work.

Any time you even suspect you have a water leak under your home, you should act very quickly. A call to (818) 740-6830 can have a leak detection specialist of Woodland Hills, Ca at your home the same day. This fast action is the best way to limit the damage to your foundation, your home, and your wallet. Also, the quicker we locate and fix any water leak, the less chance there is for toxic black mold contamination and health implications. Call (818) 740-6830 and know that the Turbo Plumbing team is here to eliminate your slab leak and your stress.

Call us today at (818) 740-6830 to schedule your plumbing leak detection in Woodland Hills, Ca with our top rated local plumbing service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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