Sepulveda VA Medical Center

The Sepulveda VA Medical Center is a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) institution in Los Angeles that provides healthcare services to veterans. The medical center, located at 16111 Plummer St, North Hills, CA 91343, is dedicated to delivering high-quality care to the men and women who have served our country.

The Sepulveda VA Medical Center provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services to Los Angeles-area veterans. Primary care, specialist care, mental health care, and rehabilitation treatments are among the services provided. The medical center also provides a number of support services, such as case management, dietary counseling, and social work. Check this out

In addition to medical care, the Sepulveda VA Medical Center provides a number of other programs to help veterans maintain their health and well-being. A pharmacy, a laboratory, a radiology department, and a dental clinic are among the services available. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are among the rehabilitation and therapeutic treatments provided by the medical institution.

The Sepulveda VA Medical Center is committed to providing high-quality care to Los Angeles-area veterans. The medical center is staffed by a team of compassionate and experienced healthcare specialists dedicated to fulfilling the particular healthcare needs of veterans. The Sepulveda VA Medical Center offers a variety of supportive services to help veterans manage their health and well-being in addition to medical care. If you are a veteran in the Los Angeles region in need of healthcare, the Sepulveda VA Medical Center is an excellent option to explore. Overall, the Sepulveda VA Medical Center is an important resource for Los Angeles-area veterans, offering a variety of healthcare services and assistance to help them live healthy and productive lives. Learn More

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