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When you discover that you have a slab leak at your Granada Hills, Ca home, the only thing you can think about is getting it fixed. You imagine all of the soil and base material under your home’s foundation washing away and the concrete beginning to crumble. But fortunately, you know that Turbo Plumbing & Rooter is the only company to trust when it comes to leak detection and Slab Leak Repair in Granada Hills, Ca.

For years, the community has been counting on us when facing the challenges of water damage and even structural damage to their homes due to a slab leak. We appreciate the faith and trust that you have in our team of exceptional leak detection specialist. And we pledge to provide you with honest answers, cost-effective Slab Leak Repair, and the best warranty and customer service in the industry. Call us at (818) 740-6830 as soon as you think you have a slab leak. Our pros will arrive quickly to find the problem and put your mind at ease.

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Finding A Leak Under Concrete

Slab leaks hold the potential to do a massive amount of damage to your home. But fortunately, our licensed plumbers will not be doing any additional damage while locating the slab leak under your foundation. Our team uses technology and not hammers and saws to locate the leak. Thanks to sound amplification tools and imaging equipment, our pros can identify the leak within a few inches. And they do it without removing any of your flooring or concrete foundation.

The Slab Leak Repair

In the case of a Slab Leak Repair in Granada Hills, Ca, you might worry that the solution is worse than the problem because we need to get to the pipe to fix it. You will be delighted to learn that some of our Slab Leak Repair options do not require cutting out a section of your foundation to reach the leaking water line.

  • The first choice for making any Slab Leak Repair in Granada Hills, Ca is to access it from outside your home. This option works best when the leak is located near the edge of the foundation. We carefully dig a tunnel under the concrete to the leaking water line. Once the repair is completed, we pressure-test the pipe and repair to ensure that everything is perfect. Then we begin the process of backfilling and compressing the material in the tunnel. While this repair process is a bit more time consuming, it eliminates the need to remove any section of your concrete foundation.
  • The next repair option is often used when the leak is located in the center of your home and is impossible to access with a tunnel under the foundation. Instead of accessing the leaking line, we abandon it and install a new pipe to supply water to that portion of your home. Ideally, we can run the new pipe through your home’s attic and down thru a wall to minimize the damage to your walls and ceilings. But again, this repair can be made without the need to remove any of the foundation of your home. And an added benefit is that you will never need to worry about future leaks from the abandoned pipe.
  • The final option sounds the most destructive. But in reality, it does not make a huge mess in your home. Our team cuts and removes a small section of your floor and foundation to expose the leaking pipe. After the leak is fixed, we pressure-test the repair and the rest of the line to confirm that there are no new leaks. Once the pipe has passed this test, we begin the process of patching the foundation. After the concrete patch cures, your foundation is as safe and strong as ever, and your water leak worries are eliminated.
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The thought of water damage, toxic mold contamination, and structural damage to your home’s foundation are all very stressful. So when you call (818) 740-6830 for a Slab Leak Repair in Granada Hills, Ca, we promise to provide you with the most professional and stress-free plumbing experience ever. The Turbo Plumbing & Rooter team is here for you 24/7, so please call us any time you need assistance from our expert slab leak detection and repair team.

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