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Is your floor raised or leaking water? Do you have a pool of water soaking the carpeted area of your home? Have you ever considered or even heard of Slab Leak Detection in Granada Hills, Ca? The term slab leak is very confusing if you take it literally. The mental image is a concrete foundation that is somehow leaking water. The most concerning part of a slab leak is that it can be tough to detect and locate. Being under a thick piece of concrete can conceal a significant amount of water and the leak’s precise location. Fortunately, for homeowners in the Granada Hills, Ca region, Turbo Plumbing & Rooter employs an entire team of Slab Leak Detection specialists. And a team member is available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you if you believe you have a slab leak under your home. Just call (818) 740-6830, and know that the premier company for Slab Leak Detection in Granada Hills, Ca will arrive shortly to locate and repair it.

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How Slab Leaks Occur

It is essential to understand that the water lines for a slab foundation home run under the concrete and not inside it. The pipes are only crossing the concrete plane when they angle up and enter the various rooms in the house. This is important because it allows the lines to move freely under the concrete due to the motion of flowing water or a change in temperature that causes expansion and contraction.

The issue arises when something causes the pipes to shift or move a great deal. It might be an earthquake, soil shifting due to improper compaction during construction, or even a piece of equipment accidentally hitting the pipe in your yard, causing the sudden movement. Because the line runs through the concrete foundation, it cannot shift a great deal without cracking or even shattering. When it does move too much, the pipe is damaged and begins to leak. The less common cause of a slab leak is merely old, brittle piping that is worn out. However, that is not a frequent occurrence thanks to the durability and longevity of modern piping.

The Potential Hazards Of A Slab Leak

As you can imagine, water leaking from a damaged pipe is not something you want under your home. The water can seep up through the porous concrete and damage the wood structure of your home as well as the finishes and your belongings. But even more concerning is that the leak will wash out the compacted gravel and soil that form the base for your foundation. While concrete is very durable, it requires a stable base to maintain its structural integrity. When the base material washes away due to the water leak, the concrete can begin to crack and fail.

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Signs Of A Slab Leak

Because the leak is under your home’s foundation, you will only see subtle signs of a problem, which can include:

  • Hearing the sound of running water
  • Moist areas on your floor
  • The odor of mildew or mold in your home
  • An odd bulge in laminate flooring
  • An unexpected high water bill

If you discover any of these indications of a slab leak, it is critical that you call in the pros from Turbo Plumbing & Rooter immediately.

How We Locate Slab Leaks

Slab Leak Detection in Granada Hills, Ca relies on some very advanced technology and expertise to locate these hidden leaks. Sound amplification tools, thermal scanners, and moisture sensors allow our pros to pinpoint even the smallest leak under the foundation of your home and provide you with a complete cost quote to make the repair.

When you call (818) 740-6830, you know that a licensed plumber with years of leak detection experience will arrive quickly to find the leak and provide you with cost-effective solutions. And once the job is done, you have our complete warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee backing our work. When you need the best, only trust the team at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter for Slab Leak Detection in Granada Hills, Ca.

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