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Discovering a clogged drain in your Granada Hills, Ca home is stressful. But when you determine that all of your drains are clearing more slowly or multiple sinks and tubs are clogged, you are instantly on high-alert for a flood of dirty water in your home. And your stress level goes through the roof. Now your worry is doubled as you also think of the costly plumber’s bill after hours of searching for the clogs in your home’s drains. And that can lead you to make an abysmal and potentially expensive decision to try a chemical drain cleaner to resolve the issue yourself.

However, the right choice is to call Turbo Plumbing & Rooter for a drain cleaning and clog removal using our trusted process called Hydro Jetting in Granada Hills, Ca. We offer 24/7 emergency service and appointments in the evening and on the weekends to make it simple to meet the demands of your hectic schedule. Just call (818) 740-6830, and know that our team will resolve your current drain issues and prevent future clogs from forming.

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What Is The Hydro Jetting Process?

Hydro jetting in Granada Hills, Ca is a process that removes clogs and cleans your home’s entire drain and sewer line system. And it uses nothing but very high-pressure clear water. The cleaning nozzle sprays water at around 35,000 psi to blast away debris and clogs while also scrubbing the interior walls of all of your drain pipes. This scrubbing removes the sticky residue build-up that promotes new clogs.

How Can 35,000 PSI Be Safe?

Knowing that your home’s water lines offer an average of about 50 psi, you might be wondering how we can claim that 700 times as much water pressure is safe. But the secret is in the training and hands-on experience of our team of licensed plumbers. We are not handing a Hydro Jet machine to anyone who does not have years of experience and proper training to safely and effectively operate this piece of technology.

In a skilled professional’s hands, the hydro-jetting equipment is very safe for your drain lines and the environment. Because we use only pure water to blast away residue and obstructions, there is no need for toxic chemical cleaners. And that means no caustic chemical fumes in your home. And no chemicals being washed into the city sewers and potentially finding their way into natural wetlands or the local water table.

To speak with an Expert for Hydro Jetting in Granada Hills, Ca, give us a call at (818) 740-6830.

Take A Proactive Approach

When thinking about Hydro Jetting in Granada Hills, Ca, wouldn’t you enjoy knowing that you will not face any drain clogs for the next year? But how can you predict the future? In this case, it is effortless. Call (818) 740-6830 to schedule a proactive hydro jet drain cleaning. A licensed plumber will arrive promptly for your appointment at a time that is convenient for your schedule. That is much better than trying to work the appointment into your already busy day because you have a clogged sink, tub, or shower.

The cleaning process will remove any small clogs that are forming and all of the sticky residue that has built up due to the waste washing down your drains and being flushed from toilets. And we are so sure that this process will eliminate any worries of clogs in the near future, that we provide a clog-free guarantee. If you think that there is a clog forming in your drains after we hydro jet them, just give us a call for a free inspection and re-cleaning if necessary. But in all the years that our pros have been using the hydro jetting equipment, we have had nothing but satisfied customers who are thrilled to avoid drain issues for a year.

You buy insurance for your home, car, and other valuables. So why not buy an insurance-like policy to protect you from future drain and toilet clogs? Call the pros at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter and schedule your hydro jetting visit at a time that works for you. And know that you will not be frustrated with the inconvenience of clogs for the coming year. And we guarantee all of our work, including hydro jetting, repairs, installations, and renovations. You and your home deserve the best and most affordable plumbing service in the area. Please give us a call at (818) 740-6830, 24/7, any day of the year. Let us earn you trust and business by providing you with professional Hydro Jetting in Granada Hills, Ca!

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