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When you have no hot water in your home, you are very anxious to find a reliable plumbing company to schedule a new water heater installation Encino, Ca. But sadly, it can be a bit challenging to find a company that will get the job done quickly and at a reasonable cost. And in some cases, you might not even be able to find a plumber who will answer your call or return your missed call. But those are issues that you will never need to face when you call (818) 740-6830. There is always a Turbo Plumbing & Rooter team member ready to take your call. And we do not mean just during normal business hours. We are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you with all of your plumbing emergencies and problems.

Turbo Plumbing & Rooter is a full-service plumbing contractor. So you will never need to worry about a job that is too big, too small, or too complex for our team to handle. And you will also appreciate that all of our plumbers are fully licensed, and their work carries a full parts and labor warranty. Then add in the fact that we offer regularly scheduled appointments in the evening and on the weekends, and you might think that Turbo Plumbing & Rooter is too good to be true. But we assure you that our company is very real. And so is our commitment to providing you with the best customer service experience and high-quality plumbing work in the industry. Call us at (818) 740-6830 when you need to schedule a new water heater installation appointment in Encino, Ca. We will show you what sets us apart from all the rest.

To speak with one of our water heater installation experts, give us a call at (818) 740-6830.

Water Heaters That Turbo Plumbing & Rooter Installs

Turbo Plumbing & Rooter is an independently owned and operating plumbing company. And that is important for consumers to know because it means that we have no reason to favor any brand or type of product line. Our loyalty and allegiance are to our customers and what will work best to meet their needs. So we will not arrive at your home with any predetermined list of water heaters that we will try to sell you or recommend. We listen to your needs and provide you with the equipment that we believe will offer you the best service and price.

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Water Heater Basics – Traditional And Tankless

As you begin to gather information about your new water heater, you will find that there are two main categories. The first type of water heater is considered a traditional unit. It has a large holding tank where the water is heated and stored until you need it. These units are available in gas or electric models and are what most homes in Encino, Ca have in place. If this is the type of water heater that you have, replacing it with a new traditional style water heater is usually a straightforward installation process.

The most significant benefit of a traditional water heater is the cost to purchase. But these units are less energy-efficient and will cost more to operate. In addition, the amount of hot water you have at any given time is limited by the size of the tank on your new water heater.

A tankless water heater is your other option. These units only heat water when there is a demand for it. And the heating occurs as the water is flowing through the piping in your home. This means that if you are replacing a traditional water heater, there will need to be some repiping as well as the water heater installation in Encino, Ca. Tankless units are also available in both gas and electric versions. 

There are a few benefits to tankless water heaters. The first is that because it heats water on-demand, you have an unlimited supply of hot water. The unit keeps heating water as long as you have a faucet running. Another impressive feature is that tankless water heaters are more energy efficient because they are not working to maintain a tank full of hot water 24/7. But the drawback is that these units are more expensive than a traditional water heater.  

While this is only a fundamental breakdown of the two types of water heaters that you have to choose from, it is a lot of information to consider. To learn more about these units and which one will best meet your home’s needs, call (818) 740-6830 to schedule a free no-obligation evaluation. A Turbo Plumbing & Rooter licensed plumber will come to your home to evaluate your needs and help you determine your best option.

And once you select your new water heater, we can usually have it installed the same day, so that your life can get back to normal. And from that day forward, you will know that your new water heater installation in Encino, Ca is backed by the Turbo Plumbing & Rooter warranty and 100% satisfaction

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