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5 Ways Damaged Sewer Lines Can Be Dangerous

An efficient sewer is essential for the health and comfort of your home. But if the sewer has chronic problems, it may pose the following hazards.

1. Frequent Clogging and Sewer Backups

While it’s not unusual for the lines to clog, frequently clogging pipes are a sign of sewer problems. The blockage can force water to back up into your sink and bathtub. Water backing up into your home can be a sanitary hazard. To prevent recurring clogging, you have to fix the underlying issue. Tree root invasions and leaks that pull the surrounding soil into the pipe are some factors our plumbers will address.

2. Damages Your Home’s Foundation

A damaged sewer line will release moisture, which can affect the structural integrity of the building. The water often causes the soil around it to shift. You may notice some indentations on your lawn. When the soil shifts, it can make the concrete foundation crack. In extreme cases, the pools of water could develop sinkholes.

Shifting soils can also damage other plumbing connections nearby. February’s high precipitation in Granada Hills can worsen the drain problems. If you spot slab leaks, you can talk to Turbo Plumbing & Rooter in Granada Hills, CA.

3. Sewer Gas Odor

If you detect sewer gas odor similar to rotten gas, your sewer line has a crack. When it's in perfect condition, your sewer must be airtight, so that gases don't escape. Hydrogen sulfide from your drains can be a potential hazard in significant amounts. Low concentration can cause skin irritation and breathing problems. According to an Environmental health report, exposure to higher concentrations can cause loss of consciousness and even death.

4. Septic Waste and Microbial Growth

A damaged sewer line will leak water into your lawn, creating pools of septic waste. It may be from a crack directly over the cracked sewer line. Clogged pipes can also cause septic waste to accumulate, posing a health hazard for your family.

Another hazard is the microbial growth of mold and mildew. The broken line can introduce moisture that encourages mold to spread on your property. Microbial infestation is a concern for homes with people prone to respiratory complications. Make a point of fixing the leakage promptly to avoid placing your loved ones at risk.

5. Encourages Pest Infestation

A small crack in the sewer line is enough to allow rodents to pass through. Rats can find food in the sewer, and they can swim into your toilet bowl. The danger with rodent infestation in your sewer line is the spread of diseases. According to the CDC, rats can cause Salmonellosis, plague, Lassa Fever, and many other illnesses. Fixing cracks in the sewer line will stop disease-carrying rodents.

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