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Why Is My Toilet Constantly Clogging?

It is not uncommon to experience a clogged toilet every couple of years. However, if you are finding that you need a plunger on a weekly basis, there could be a severe issue. Although many times, parents are sure that the problem of constant clogs is due to a child using a massive wad of toilet paper, there are many other reasons that you could be having trouble with your Turbo Plumbing & Rooter home’s toilet function.

An Older Commode

Everything wears out, even a toilet. So while there are many parts that you can replace on a typical toilet, it could be time to replace the entire unit to ensure that you have no further issues of a nasty flood in your home. In addition to that much-needed peace of mind, you will discover that newer toilets use only a fraction of the water used by older models. So you will see a significant decrease in the water used in your household after installing a modern, low-flow toilet. And it is always a good idea to conserve water whenever you can. 

A Faulty Fill Valve

If the fill valve in your toilet tank is not operating correctly, there might not be enough water in the tank for a complete flush. Look at the tank fill line and adjust the fill valve as needed to refill the tank to the appropriate level. If the valve is damaged or worn out, you should be able to procure a replacement at your local hardware store or big box store. Take a picture of the existing valve and toilet model and manufacturer to ensure the proper replacement.

Pipe Blockages

A pipe blockage could be an issue that will track back to the small children in your home. But it might not have anything to do with too much TP. Many kids enjoy seeing what they can flush down the toilet. It becomes a game to see what will disappear. Our licensed plumbers have seen it all and removed it from socks to mittens and small stuffed animals to restore the function of many toilets around Turbo Plumbing & Rooter. Even if there are no small children in the house, small items can inadvertently get knocked into the toilet and flushed.

Then there are the adults who unknowingly create the issue by using the toilet as a trash can. Never place plastic, bits of trash, paper other than toilet paper, hair, or other waste items in the toilet. Only TP and human waste should get flushed. Another common issue occurs if you flush litterbox waste as the kitty litter is sure to expand and create a nasty clog.

If you notice that your toilet is slow to flush and have not been as careful as you should about what is flushed, call (818) 918-6297 immediately to schedule a drain cleaning service before facing a flood of sewage and waste in your home. We offer 24/7 emergency service and back all of our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty.

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When Should You Call A Plumber?

Most homeowners are reluctant to call a plumber or any other service person when they think it is a simple fix. There is a mental conversation about the effort and skill the repair will require compared to the cost involved. And when the price appears to exceed the value, most opt to make it a DIY project. And in many cases, the choice is valid. But it is essential to know when the job requires a professional. Making the wrong choice on these repairs can lead to extensive damage to your Granada Hills home and much more costly repairs.

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Understanding What Your Water Heater Is Trying To Tell You

You could ask most Granada Hills homeowners to list all the appliances in their home, and almost every one of them will omit their home’s water heater. It is a feature that no one would be willing to live without, but also one that is constantly overlooked for its essential contribution to the household. Sadly, that is also a good indication of how many homeowners overlook annual water heater maintenance and ignore the warning signs for trouble that could be coming from this vital appliance.

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How Long Will My Home’s Plumbing Last?

Unless you own a brand new home, you are sure to begin to wonder how many good years your home’s plumbing system has left. Of course, no one ever wants to think about the cost and undertaking of replacing fixtures and repiping, but at some point, all the essential items in your home will wear out. However, if you have an idea of the life expectancy of your plumbing system, you can be proactive and avoid some messy and costly failures.

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How To Correct Most Dishwasher Clogs

Most homeowners rely heavily on their dishwashers to save time, water, and money. Most modern dishwashers use only a tiny fraction of the water needed to hand wash the same amount of dishes as it takes to fill the unit. And it saves you the time and hassle of washing the dishes! So what is not to love about this modern miracle machine? Unfortunately, that rancid odor inside the dishwasher or your sink when you discover something is preventing the unit from evacuating all the dirty water after cleaning your dishes. But this issue could be swift and simple for you to correct.

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4 Reasons For The Common Plumbing Problems In Your House

Most homeowners only think of their water supply lines at the mention of their home's plumbing. But most often, it is an issue with a drain pipe that warrants a call to your local plumber. However, with a bit of extra care and preventive maintenance, you can avoid most of the clog-causing issues that create messes and flood your home with dirty water or even raw sewage.

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Understanding The Subtle Hints From Your Water Heater

Most homeowners never think about the appliance that heats their home’s water until they are standing in a cold shower gritting their teeth. And at that moment, you promise yourself never to ignore this important appliance again. But It might already be too late to avoid the cost and inconvenience of replacing your current unit. Had you understood the hints that your water heater was giving you, you certainly could have avoided the cold shower. And you might also have been able to avoid the cost of a replacement unit.

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How To Save Money On Plumbing Expenses

Your home’s plumbing system is something that you can’t live without. So when there is an issue or challenge, it is tempting to try a DIY repair or some trick that you found on YouTube. While some of these home remedies for your plumbing system will work, at least for a while, there is a good chance that you will be doing more harm than good. Savvy homeowners across the city choose to rely on tips from a licensed plumber to save money on their plumbing repairs and maintenance.

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4 Bathroom Plumbing Issues You Can Easily Avoid

No one ever wants to face a plumbing issue. And when the problem is in your home’s bathroom, your stress level tends to increase dramatically. Of course, it could be that you have only one bathroom or that you are just unnerved by the thought of raw sewage flooding your home. But the good news is that you can easily avoid many of the most common bathroom plumbing problems by following just a few straightforward tips from the pros.

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How To Determine The Cause Of Low Water Pressure

There are few issues in your home that become a constant source of annoyance, like low water pressure. It has a negative impact on almost everything that you do involving water. From waiting for an eternity for the bathtub to fill to rinsing dishes or watering the lawn, low water pressure makes every task a chore. But the better option is to invest a small amount of time in determining the cause of your home’s low water pressure and working toward correcting the issue.

Places To Inspect For Low Water Pressure

When you find yourself muttering about low water pressure, it is time to begin a thorough evaluation of your home’s plumbing. Start with apparent fixtures like kitchen and bathroom sinks, then move on to showers and bathtubs. The idea is to determine if the low water pressure is an issue everywhere in your home or just as specific fixtures or appliances.

After the common fixtures, check more obscure items like how fast your washing machine fills and look at the quality of the cleaning cycle in your dishwasher. Low water pressure can result in food and soap residue being left on dishes. These tests will help you determine if insufficient water pressure is an issue everywhere in your home or only in certain areas.

If the problem appears to be throughout the house, the next step is to check outside. Test your outdoor water spigots, hose bibs, and sprinkler system to see if the low-pressure issues are also occurring there. If these areas also suffer low pressure, the problem could be in your water meter, the main shut-off valve to your property, or even the water supply line itself.

Fixture Issues

Let’s start with the least complex issue first. If only one or a few fixtures have low water pressure, the most common problem is hard water and scaly build-up inside the fixture or on the nozzle. Visually inspect the fixture for white build-up that is blocking the flow of water. Scale remover solution is an easy fix in this case. However, if the scale is inside the fixture, a replacement is often the only solution. If you are not comfortable undertaking this project, call in a professional plumber to replace the faucet and restore your water pressure.

Supply Issues

If the issue occurs at every spigot and fixture on the property, start by testing the main shut-off valve to see that it is completely open. If the valve is very hard to turn, it is best to call in a plumber as this is a sign of an old and potentially faulty valve. Your licensed plumber will also be able to check out your water meter or any pressure regulating devices to ensure that they are all functioning correctly and not limiting the water flow to your home. All of these devices could be the cause of your low water pressure.

The most complex and often most costly cause of low water pressure is a leak in the supply line leading to your home. The easy way to check for a leak is to monitor the water meter when no water is running anywhere inside or outside your home. With all water turned off, look at the display or face of your meter. The dial and small spinning triangle should be completely still. If there is any movement, you have a water leak. A digital meter should also remain static unless there is a leak.

For professional help correcting your home’s low water pressure, call (818) 918-6297. The pros at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter are here to help 24/7.

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