Leaks in the plumbing system frequently indicate broader problems with the pipes and might be difficult to detect because they are unseen. The severity of a plumbing emergency involving a water leak depends on the magnitude of the leak, which determines the necessity for immediate repairs. If pipes run between walls or across ceilings, the presence of water stains on the walls or ceilings may indicate a problem. Pipe leaks can also be caused by corrosion, lime buildup, or fluctuations in water pressure throughout the system.


Plumbing leaks that are abrupt and unintentional are typically covered by homeowner's insurance. Such incidents can include pipe bursts or the unexpected rupture of the washing machine's supply hose. If poor upkeep is the cause of the damage, the homeowner's insurance will not cover it.


Several signs may indicate a ruptured pipe; therefore, it is necessary to remain vigilant. Water pressure that has been fluctuating is an example of this. Corrosion and rust can give off white or brown hues as a result of bacteria or other particles contaminating the water, which can be another indicator. Water rushing, gurgling, or bubbling can be heard as an auditory signal. When there are problems with the pipes, stress points may also be the source of hissing, grinding, and clanking sounds. Another sensory indicator is the odor of rotten eggs, which indicates the presence of hydrogen sulfide from leaking sewage lines. Puddles forming near sinks or other spots, such as above pipe cover plates, provide a visual cue. Lastly, a higher-than-usual water bill indicates that water is leaking unnaturally from broken plumbing places.


If the clog is particularly severe, such that water flow is totally halted, the resulting plumbing emergency can cause significant disruption to daily life. As is the case with the majority of plumbing issues involving clogged drains, most may be resolved by removing soap scum and hair accumulation.


A plumbing emergency can take anything from a half-hour to a couple of hours to resolve. With pipe replacements and other related issues, extended repair times are to be anticipated. Remember that response times for plumbing emergencies might be expedited within 24 hours. As this will differ from typical plumbing services that are planned during business hours, expect plumbing emergency rates to vary as a result of this faster response time compliance.


As plumbing emergency services will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they will cost more than those performed during normal business hours; some may even quadruple their rates. In general, a plumber's hourly rate may range from $40 and $150. A plumbing emergency can often cost between $100 and $500 or more.


When faced with a plumbing emergency, you should rely on the emergency plumbing repair services of a competent plumbing firm. Within twenty-four hours of your contact, a competent technician will be able to evaluate the affected areas for any concealed damage and begin repairs as quickly as feasible. It is vital to keep in mind that emergency plumbing services will be more expensive, but if the safety of occupants and property damage are at risk, this may actually save you money in addressing these issues.

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Identifying The Plumbing Pipes In Your Home

The plumbing system in your home is composed of a variety of pipes. While some pipelines are made to transport clean water, others are made to remove waste water. Depending on their use and the period of time since your home's construction, the plumbing pipes in it were likely built from a variety of materials. Plumbing pipes have been made from a variety of materials over the years. Therefore, the plumbing pipes in your home's construction will be made of whatever material was available at the time.

Copper Piping

One of the most popular materials for plumbing pipes is copper. Potable water is mostly transported through these pipes. Because it is resistant to heat, sturdy, less likely to leak, heat-resistant, long-lasting, and non-polluting of the water it passes through, copper is a great material for plumbing pipes. Copper has been used in plumbing systems since ancient Egypt. However, it wasn't until the 1940s that it started to be utilized regularly in modern times.

Galvanized Steel Pipes

If your house was constructed before the 1960s, the plumbing pipes can be made of galvanized steel. Steel pipes that have been coated with zinc are known as galvanized steel pipes. This coating aids in preventing corrosion on the pipe. Galvanized steel was employed because it was robust, long-lasting, and a good replacement for lead. The drawback of galvanized steel is that it can rust from the inside and is heavy. Low water pressure, frequent blockages, and corrosion may occur in homes with ancient plumbing. In that situation, replacing your galvanized steel pipes or considering pipelining may be necessary. Your pipes' condition will determine the treatment strategy.

Cast Iron Piping

Sewer pipes were most frequently made of cast iron. Some water supply lines, though, were also made of cast iron. From the 17th to the 20th centuries, cast iron was extensively employed in plumbing, including in the creation of the Versailles fountains. Because of its durability and capacity to bear intense use and pressure, it was frequently used. Cast iron pipes normally survive 80 to 100 years before they begin to corrode internally. Corrosion is typically to blame when a cast iron pipe collapses. If you have cast iron sewer pipes, you should avoid using some chemical drain cleaners because they can accelerate corrosion.

The PVC pipe

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is a material that is frequently used in plumbing nowadays. You are likely aware with PVC because it is used to make plastic pipes. PVC is a low-cost material that is lightweight, simple to work with, won't corrode, and lasts for a very long period. Both potable water and sewage lines use PVC pipes. The pipe's purpose determines its size and thickness. The fact that extremely hot water might destroy PVC pipes is a drawback.

A CPVC pipe

Chlorine is a component of CPVC pipes, which are made of plastic. They are primarily utilized for potable water. CPVC pipes can be utilized with hot water since they have a greater temperature threshold.

PEX piping

Another typical pipe used for water supply lines is PEX pipe. They don't corrode, don't leak, are lightweight, affordable, simple to use, and can take hot water. However, because they are vulnerable to the elements, they cannot be utilized outside. plumbing in your residence It is a good idea to know what you have when it comes to the plumbing pipes in your house. An inspection of your plumbing is a smart idea if it is older. This might assist you in evaluating the state of your plumbing and avert more issues. Contact Turbo Plumbing & Rooter to request a plumbing inspection or to learn more about the plumbing pipes in your home.

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Your Northridge pipes put in a lot of time and effort to keep your plumbing system running well, but they do absorb some damage. There is a seemingly endless number of things that might clog your pipes, including grease, soap, oil, dirt, and debris. So, call Turbo Plumbing & Rooter Northridge whenever you feel that your drains may need some TLC.

DIY Risks

It's tempting to reach for the kitchen cabinet for a do-it-yourself solution to your clogged pipes in Northridge, but remember that doing so can result in much more problems down the road. Drugstore drain cleaners are hazardous if applied incorrectly or mixed with other chemicals. It's also possible to damage your pipes by applying too much pressure with a drain snake.

DIY pipe repairs can deteriorate the pipes' health and lead to more extensive, costly repairs than were necessary initially. Instead of relying on store-bought solutions, contact your local professionals in the field.

Why You Should Hire a Drain Cleaning Service

Turbo Plumbing & Rooter is the company to call instead of attempting a DIY pipe cleaning job. When you choose us, drain cleaning will be quick, easy, and affordable. Our helpful professionals can clear the pipes in your Northridge home with methods like eco-friendly hydro jetting, dependable drain snaking, and corrosion-removing descaling.

Use our services and we promise to save you both time and money. We can send out a crew to your home quickly to find the source of the clog, clear it out, explain your options for making any necessary repairs, and lay out a maintenance schedule to keep your pipes in good working order for years to come. With our drain cleaning services, your pipes will be restored to peak performance and last for many more years to come.

The Benefits of Calling Turbo Plumbing & Rooter

Turbo Plumbing & Rooter is the company to call if you want clean pipes free of debris and buildup. With our staff on call, you can forget about the nuisance of clogged drains and get back to what really matters without missing a beat.

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If you live in Northridge and need plumbing work done, you should hire a dependable company that has a track record of providing excellent service at a reasonable price.

Use A Plumber Who Is Licensed, Insured, And Bonded

Verify that the plumber you hire has all the proper documentation, including licenses, insurance, and a surety bond. A plumber's license and liability insurance policy attest to his or her training, expertise, and familiarity with current best practices in the field. You may rest easy knowing that your property is protected when you hire a plumber who is bonded.

Turbo Plumbing & Rooter employees are committed to professional development and have taken the effort to become licensed. Maintaining valid certifications and insurance policies is a top priority for us because we want to do things properly the first time.

Contact an on-call plumbing service in an emergency.

Emergencies in the plumbing system are sometimes necessary. And they rarely occur at the most opportune moments. If you want your plumbing system in Northridge to be in good shape at all hours, day or night, you should hire a plumber who offers emergency services around the clock.

When you have a plumbing emergency, call Turbo Plumbing & Rooter anytime, day or night. Trust us to restore your plumbing system as soon as possible because we realize how frustrating it is to deal with problems like water backup, low water pressure, and so on.

Trust Only The Most Reliable Plumbing Service

Those in need of a plumber can rest assured knowing they can count on Turbo Plumbing & Rooter. When it comes to plumbing, our customers consistently come back to us.

If You Need A Plumber In Northridge, Call Turbo Plumbing & Rooter!

If you have any plumbing issues, our staff of local, highly-trained plumbers is here to help. Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation estimate on our affordable plumbing services in Northridge CA, more information, or to set up an appointment for maintenance or repairs.

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Oh no! There's a leak in your water heater.

In the event of a sudden leak, Turbo Plumbing & Rooter is here to help. Our plumbing service in Granada Hills cares about your family's safety and will do everything in its power to keep your appliances in good working order. Because plumbing disasters can ruin your house for good, we treat each and every task with the seriousness it deserves. In other words, we guarantee that your water heater will be fixed properly every time because our professionals are reliable and care about your satisfaction.

Turbo Plumbing & Rooter is here for you, whether you need a quick fix or extensive renovations. To find out more about water heater leaks and how we may assist you, please continue reading below, or feel free to contact us at any time.

Why Do We Need to Repair Our Water Heaters?

Most water heater leaks can be traced back to corroded or broken components.

Differences in the Components

Do you have puddles forming around the water heater's valves and pipes? This could indicate that a part is broken or has come free. Leaks can form in a variety of places, including the expansion tank, the cold water entry valve, the pressure release valve, and the pipe fittings. A combination of water pressure and heat can accelerate the loosening or breakdown of a number of components. It's common for these parts to only need to be tightened to get your water heater functioning regularly again. If the issues persist, though, you might need to replace everything.

Trouble with Corrosion

Have you noticed an orange tinge coming from your water heater? If this is the case, corrosion may be a problem because water has been sitting in the tank for some time. Your water heater's anode rods and the tank's seams are two common rusting targets.

Red Flags That Indicate a Water Leak

Do you want to know how to detect a leak before it causes major structural damage to your house? Here are a few telltale indications of a leak:

- There are water stains along the walls or ceiling around your heater.
- Sounds of water constantly pouring or trickling
- Soggy walls and flooring
- A rise in water costs
- Floating or oddly-sounding floorboards due to their brittleness.

Repairing a leak may be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, which is why at All Turbo Plumbing & Rooter, we offer our 24/7 emergency services. That's why if you think a leak is building in your house, you can call us anytime and we'll come check it out.

What Are the Signs That It's Time to Replace My Water Heater?

It's not always easy to tell whether your water heater just needs a few replacement parts or if it's time to buy a new system altogether. It might be time for a replacement if your old unit is more than ten years old and giving you trouble. Have you found that you need to plan for repairs or maintenance more frequently than you'd like? Do you notice a strange odor or discoloration in the water coming out of your water heater? These are also indicators that a replacement is necessary.

Get in Touch with the Best Granada Hills Plumbers Today!

Do you feel prepared to prevent future leaks in your home? The experts at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter are ready to help. Make an appointment with us today by calling or contacting us through our website.

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Do you have a clogged drain and no idea what the cause could be? Then maybe it's time to start thinking about the roots of the problem. Turbo Plumbing & Rooter is ready to answer your questions about the potential damage a tree root clog can do to your plumbing system.

Root Clog Origins and Causes

Broken Pipe

Pipes can develop cracks as they age or because of a manufacturing defect. Regardless, tree roots can enter through these openings.

Unavoidable Attraction To Water

Never lose sight of the fact that trees are living things that have been around longer than we have! Even so, it is important for them to drink water regularly. They are attracted to the moisture in your pipes.

These roots, drawn to the water, will eventually invade your plumbing.

Vapor Magnets

A regular flow of water through your drains can cause gases to be released into the ground. For tree roots, this is a major draw as well. The nutritious content of these fumes draws tree roots, which then clogs your pipes.

Imagine the feeling you get when the aroma of your neighbor's grill draws you outside. Tree roots have the same opinion of your plumbing as you do, and they've even brought their own dish to the picnic.

Signs of a Root Clog: 

Even if your toilet doesn't have an appetite, it may make stomach-ache noises. Foremost things first, check to see if your stomach is the source of those grunts. In contrast, a root clog is probably to blame for the gurgling sounds coming from your toilet.

Systemic Slow Drainage

In the event that tree roots have found their way inside your pipes, they may have expanded to the point where they are obstructing water flow. The progression of water is slowed because of the obstruction caused by the roots.

Curious Cases of Toilet Blockages

You may be perplexed as to why you have been experiencing such frequent jams if this is the case. A root obstruction could be the cause if you've already cleansed the drains multiple times. Our expert assistance is required here.

Annoying Smells of Rotting Food

Just think about how frustrating it would be to regularly clean the bathroom and still have foul odors linger. The annoyance could be as much of a problem as the smell itself. True, but it's the reality for homeowners who have to cope with the aftermath of having roots invade their pipes.

These roots have the potential to obstruct your pipes, causing sewage backups. That garbage won't be able to escape and neither will the odors. Possibly, instead of buying more cleaning goods, you just need one of our plumbers to come and fix the leak!

If you have a clog caused by tree roots, call Turbo Plumbing & Rooter.

Call Turbo Plumbing & Rooter right away if you suspect tree roots are blocking your drains. A sewer camera Inspection is one of the best ways to determine what's wrong with your drains. Next, we'll assess your drain's unique requirements and develop a plan to fix them.

If you need any plumbing work done, we're the ones to call!

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Springtime Energy-Efficient Plumbing Upgrades for Your Business

As the spring season comes back around, you may be amped up to enhance your bottom line. A great tactic for reducing overhead costs is to be more energy efficient with your operations. When it comes to plumbing, there are many energy-efficient upgrades your business can choose to invest in.

Pipe Insulation

If your building is older, the plumbing may have been installed without adequate insulation. Plumbing insulation is typically comprised of foam that is cut into long strips and fitted around the piping. In some hard-to-reach areas, insulation tape may be utilized. When you have sufficient pipe insulation, especially on your warm water lines, it helps to keep that water hot while it's delivered throughout your building. The more warmth your hot water can retain, the less often users will require turning up the heat on the faucet dial.

Low-Flow Toilets

A great commercial plumbing upgrade is a low-flow toilet. Turbo Plumbing & Rooter in Granada Hills, CA can install low-flow toilets that offer 20% more energy savings over standard toilets. Older toilets can use up to eight gallons of water for every flush. A low-flow toilet will use less than one and a half gallons. Granada Hills and the surrounding areas often have water shortages over the summer. Low-flow toilets are a great way to contribute to conserving water.

Dual-Flush Toilet Conversion

Another great way to be more efficient with your business's water usage is to install dual-flush toilet conversion kits on all of your toilets. These offer two flow options. The low-power option is for flushing liquid waste. The full flush option is ideal for flushing solid waste. With every three flushes being liquid waste, your business can save a bundle by using less water.

Low-Flow Faucet Aerators

An inexpensive upgrade for your business's plumbing is a low-flow faucet aerator. This device simply screws onto your existing faucets and helps to insert more air into the water that is coming out. This ends up using less water while still being able to maintain the same amount of water pressure that many people are used to. Experts suggest that you'll be able to enjoy up to 50% of monetary savings on your water and utility bills.

Tankless Water Heater

Another great energy-efficient commercial plumbing upgrade is a tankless water heater. These water heaters produce hot water on demand as compared to pre-heating water like traditional tank water heaters. Tankless options use less energy as all the water being heated is delivered to the user, unlike tank water heaters where hot water is constantly reheated until the user needs it. Most businesses can enjoy energy savings of up to 25% on electric bills when using tankless water heaters.

If you're ready to invest in some energy-efficient plumbing fixtures for your business, contact Turbo Plumbing & Rooter today!

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5 Ways Damaged Sewer Lines Can Be Dangerous

An efficient sewer is essential for the health and comfort of your home. But if the sewer has chronic problems, it may pose the following hazards.

1. Frequent Clogging and Sewer Backups

While it’s not unusual for the lines to clog, frequently clogging pipes are a sign of sewer problems. The blockage can force water to back up into your sink and bathtub. Water backing up into your home can be a sanitary hazard. To prevent recurring clogging, you have to fix the underlying issue. Tree root invasions and leaks that pull the surrounding soil into the pipe are some factors our plumbers will address.

2. Damages Your Home’s Foundation

A damaged sewer line will release moisture, which can affect the structural integrity of the building. The water often causes the soil around it to shift. You may notice some indentations on your lawn. When the soil shifts, it can make the concrete foundation crack. In extreme cases, the pools of water could develop sinkholes.

Shifting soils can also damage other plumbing connections nearby. February’s high precipitation in Granada Hills can worsen the drain problems. If you spot slab leaks, you can talk to Turbo Plumbing & Rooter in Granada Hills, CA.

3. Sewer Gas Odor

If you detect sewer gas odor similar to rotten gas, your sewer line has a crack. When it's in perfect condition, your sewer must be airtight, so that gases don't escape. Hydrogen sulfide from your drains can be a potential hazard in significant amounts. Low concentration can cause skin irritation and breathing problems. According to an Environmental health report, exposure to higher concentrations can cause loss of consciousness and even death.

4. Septic Waste and Microbial Growth

A damaged sewer line will leak water into your lawn, creating pools of septic waste. It may be from a crack directly over the cracked sewer line. Clogged pipes can also cause septic waste to accumulate, posing a health hazard for your family.

Another hazard is the microbial growth of mold and mildew. The broken line can introduce moisture that encourages mold to spread on your property. Microbial infestation is a concern for homes with people prone to respiratory complications. Make a point of fixing the leakage promptly to avoid placing your loved ones at risk.

5. Encourages Pest Infestation

A small crack in the sewer line is enough to allow rodents to pass through. Rats can find food in the sewer, and they can swim into your toilet bowl. The danger with rodent infestation in your sewer line is the spread of diseases. According to the CDC, rats can cause Salmonellosis, plague, Lassa Fever, and many other illnesses. Fixing cracks in the sewer line will stop disease-carrying rodents.

Need help with your sewer line? Contact us at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter today.

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Top 5 Faucet Faults You Should Fix as Soon as Possible

A dripping faucet may seem like a nuisance, but even a trickle of water can raise your utility bills. The fixture may leak due to several problems. Here are some faucet faults that you should fix as soon as possible to avoid losses.

1. A Leaky Faucet Handle

A leaky faucet can waste water while causing noise disturbances as you try to sleep. If water is dripping from the handle, you can solve it by tightening the packing nut.

Another reason for leaking around the faucet’s handle is a defective O-ring. The O-ring is a circular-shaped disk that stops water from dripping around plumbing connections.

You have to disassemble the faucet and remove debris around the O-ring. You should apply silicon-based grease to prevent deterioration. If the O-ring is damaged, the best solution is to get a replacement.

2. The Faucet Spout Is Leaking

Besides the faucet’s handle, you may also notice water dripping from around the spout. You can confirm the leak by shutting off the water and placing a paper towel over the spout’s opening. Check after some time to see if the paper towel is wet.

A leaking spout is usually a problem with a defective washer or valve seat. You can repair a compression faucet by replacing the washer.

However, modern faucets with a cartridge assembly will need a replacement to fix the leak. If you are unsure, you can consult our team at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter for dependable faucet services in Granada Hills, CA.

3. The Faucet Sprays Mist

Another common problem is when the faucet fails to deliver a consistent stream of water. If it sprays a mist, it's often an issue with the aerator.

Disassembling the faucet and cleaning off debris from the aerator may fix the problem. But if the issue persists, consider replacing the aerator.

4. Signs of Corrosion and Deterioration

In Granada Hills, the water hardness levels exceed 120mg/l, which the USGS classifies as moderately hard. That means the water supply contains magnesium and calcium, which can clog aerators and parts of your plumbing.

Rusting and stains could indicate the water fixtures in your home are defective or in the process of deterioration. If you also notice a squeaky sound, you may want to consider replacing the faucet.

5. Low Water Pressure

If your faucet only delivers a trickle where the flow was previously higher, it could be a problem with the diverter. Ensure the valves under the sink are open by turning them anti-clockwise. You can disassemble the faucet to remove debris blocking the water flow.

Addressing the leakage on time is essential for the longevity of your plumbing system. If you spot leaking or corrosion, it's wise to take action immediately. You can consult Turbo Plumbing & Rooter for copper re-piping, faucet repairs, and other quality solutions in Granada Hills, CA.

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Simple Water Heater Maintenance To Save Some Cash

Your Granada Hills home’s water heater does an essential job. Without it, you would be reduced to taking cold showers and scrubbing dishes in cold water. However, most homeowners are not as appreciative as they should be until it is too late. Only after climbing into ice-cold water to bathe do we wish we had been more diligent about caring for that crucial appliance. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can apply to lengthen the life of your water heater and save yourself some cash.

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