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When you own a home , you quickly learn that much maintenance is needed to keep your home running smoothly. And while some of these tasks are easy to identify, like painting the fence or watering the lawn, others might not jump out at you. But when it comes to your home’s plumbing system, it is essential to know that a bit of maintenance can go a long way to preventing costly problems and damage to your house.

Look For Indications Of A Leak

Something as simple as walking around your yard and home can provide vital information to prevent a colossal plumbing repair bill and water damage repair. Most leaks begin as just a trickle of water or an occasional drip. And even though you might not see the water, you can notice the stain on the drywall or patch of grass that appears to be overly lush. These are the signs of a small leak that you need to investigate and repair before it floods your home or crates a mud pit in your yard.

Outside, it is essential to look at hose bibs, outdoor faucets, your sprinkler system, and pool equipment for signs of a leak or drip. Inside, the list is a bit longer. Here you will want to look under sinks for drain leaks and leaks in the faucet supply lines. Even if you do not see any water, look for moist or bulging wood in cabinets to indicate a potential leak. Also, carefully inspect showers, tubs, and any exposed water and drain lines. Locating these minor issues early can save you thousands of dollars in water damage repairs.

Take A Look At Appliances

You will be shocked when you create a mental list of all the appliances in your home that use water. You can start with your washing machine to check for leaks in the supply water lines and the discharge hose. If you notice that these hoses are getting hard or brittle, replace them proactively to avoid a flood of soapy water. Next, head into the kitchen to look at the water line running to the water and ice dispenser on your fridge. This is an often-overlooked water line that can dump a lot of water in a place that can be very hard to see. Water could be running down the wall and through the floor long before it makes its way to the front of the fridge to dampen your socks. And if you did not think to look at the dishwasher hoses when you were checking under your kitchen sink for leaks, double back and take a look at the supply line and discharge hose.

One More Appliance

Most homeowners forget that their water heater even exists. Check for leaks in the piping as well as the pressure relief and drain valves. Both of these valves are essential for the maintenance and safe operation of the water heater. If they show signs of wear, they can be replaced for a fraction f the cost of a water heater replacement. But if allowed to leak onto the tank, the result will be rust that will ruin the entire water heater. Also, plan to drain and flush the holding tank once each year to remove potentially damaging sediment from the tank and prolong the life of your water heater.

If you locate any issues that are beyond your DIY repair skill set, call (818) 740-6830 for an appointment with a licensed plumber from Turbo Plumbing & Rooter. Fixing minor issues is the best way to avoid more significant and more costly catastrophes.

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