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Your home’s sewer line is one of the furthest things from your mind on most days. But if you ever notice raw sewage bubbling up in your yard or have it backing up into your home, you quickly begin to appreciate the service of this one pipe. And you grasp that if this pipe becomes damaged, clogged, or deteriorates due to old age, you are going to need some professional help very quickly. But the ideal situation is learning to identify the early signs of an upcoming sewer line issue before you are standing in raw sewage in your basement or lawn.

Spotting The Early Signs Of A Sewer Line Leak From Outdoors

If you see that one section of your lawn is much greener and lush than the rest, something is not right. The issue could be a water line leak or a sewer line leak. But both need prompt attention from a licensed plumber. However, if that lush area does not appear to be mushy and wet, you can bet that the issue is a sewer line leak. The grass is benefiting from the natural fertilizer that is leaking from the sewer line. And the result is a deep green patch of grass. As the leak increases, you could also notice a foul odor and the invasion of bugs seeking free water and waste.

Signs Of A Sewer Line Leak You Will Notice Inside Your Home

While the actual leak is outdoors, there are some signs that you will notice while inside your home. The most obvious sign of a sewer line leak is a backup of sewage in your home. It is due to dirt and waste clogging the line at the point of the leak. The flood of raw sewage will appear at the lowest drain in your home first. If you have a basement, the floor drain is the first place sewage will back up. If you have no basement, the lowest shower or tub drain will likely see the first flood or dirty water and waste.

Even before the flood occurs, there are subtle signs that there is trouble brewing. The most common of these early warning signs are slow clearing drains. A single slow clearing drain is usually an indication of a clog in that drain line. But if all the drains in your home are slow to clear, the issue is likely in your home’s sewer line.

The Guaranteed Solution

When you notice an issue that you think is related to your sewer line, the only sure solution is to call in a professional. The licensed plumbers at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter will arrive ready to locate any issues with your sewer line and provide you with a free, no-obligation price quote for the necessary repairs. And the best part is that little or no digging is involved in determining the cause of the problem.

Our team of pros uses a small camera deployed inside the sewer line to reveal any damage or blockage of the pipe. The camera sends back pictures from inside the pipe, so we can show you what is causing your home’s slow drains. Once we know the problem and its location, we can provide you with the repair options and costs associated with each. In many cases, we can also make a trenchless sewer line repair to limit the destruction to your yard. And when completed, you have the Turbo Plumbing & Rooter full warranty for added peace of mind. Call us at (818) 740-6830 at the first sign of trouble to avoid a nasty sewage flood.

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