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When you think about all of the bits of food, dirt, and other things that get washed down the drains in your home, it is not all that shocking when you discover a clog. And that is not even taking into consideration all of the nasty things that get flushed down your home’s toilets. But even as annoying as a clogged drain can be, you wonder if it is really worth the money to schedule regular professional drain cleanings. The answer is simple, yes! But there are many benefits to regular drain cleaning that you might not understand.

How Professional Drain Cleaning Works

First, it is crucial to understand what a professional drain cleaning does. Unlike the jug of chemical drain cleaner, a professional cleaning uses nothing but pure water to scrub away any clogs forming and the residue inside all your drains. The secret to this process is the machine that creates the high-pressure water jet. Think of power washing your driveway or deck. The device your plumber uses to clean your drains is doing basically the same thing, except it is inside your drain lines. So all of the sticky gunk is washed away without damaging your drain pipes.

Health Issues

Knowing that all the waste that finds its way into your drain lines leaves a sticky residue is not very appealing. But what you might not be thinking about is all of the contaminants and bacteria in that sticky mess. And when your shower or sink backs up a little bit or is slow to clear, all those bacteria can be floating back up in that water. Also, when there is no water going down the drain, those germs and bacteria are exposed to the same air that you and your loved ones are breathing. Regular drain cleanings eliminate the goop that allows the germs and bacteria to linger in your drains instead of being washed away to the sewer system.

Avoiding Costly Emergency Services

Being proactive is the best way to avoid huge, costly plumbing bills. And regular drain cleaning is the only way to know that your home’s drains are free of clogs and scum that can create a flood of dirty water in your home. You have insurance to protect your home and your car in the event of something awful happening. And the cost of regular professional drain cleaning is the insurance policy that protects you against a flood of dirty water or raw sewage.

In addition, you are avoiding the other costly repairs that can accompany a severe drain clog. The first issue is usually water damage. You need to remove all the wet and contaminated flooring and personal items that were damaged. And if you miss anything wet, you will soon be paying for professional mold abatement. It takes less than 24 hours for mold to begin to grow in a moist area. And the only simple solution is to avoid these issues entirely with regular professional drain cleaning.

Avoid Those Funky Odors

If you have noticed a funky odor coming from your floor drains or even from sinks that you rarely use, the issue is likely to be the residue in your drains. The soap scum, dirt, and debris begin to smell awful. The simple solution is to eliminate the residue and the foul smell.

To enjoy all of these essential benefits, call (818) 740-6830. You can schedule your regular drain cleanings with the pros at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter and know that you will never need to worry about bacteria, bad smells, or clogs in your home’s drains.

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