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When you hear the term pipe bursting, you are sure to envision a water line that has exploded and is creating a flood of water. And while that what the words seem to describe, it is not really what this plumbing term means. Pipe bursting is far from being the same as a bursting pipe. And in fact, pipe bursting could be a term that saves you a significant amount of money and damage to your landscape if you are experiencing issues with your sewer line.

The Good Kind Of Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a type of trenchless technology that allows licensed plumbers to replace your home’s sewer line without digging up the old pipe and destroying a massive section of your yard. The process can replace PVC, clay, cast iron, and almost any other type of sewer line with a brand new pipe.

Why Replace An Old Sewer Line?

Everything has a life expectancy, even your home’s sewer line. Eventually, the pipe becomes old and brittle, damaged, or invaded by tree roots and requires replacement. And in the past, that meant digging up the old pipe from the edge of your home to the city sewer main. Once the old pipe was removed from the trench, a new line was installed in its place. But as you can imagine, the process was time-consuming and left a considerable scar across your property. Thanks to the process of pipe bursting, a new sewer line replacement can be installed with far less destruction and, in many cases, much more cost-effectively.

How It All Works

Your plumber will dig a hole near your house and one near the sewer main to use the pipe bursting method. These are called the entry pit and the recovery pit. Next, a tool called an expander is placed inside the old damaged pipe. The expander is pulled through the old pipe, shattering it as it passes through. But the vital part of this process is that the expander is also pulling the new line into place. Once the new pipe is installed, it is connected to your home and the sewer.

The Benefits Of Pipe Bursting For Sewer Line Replacements

The most significant benefit of pipe bursting is the reduction in labor compared to the old process. What used to take days of digging to excavate a sewer line buried at five feet deep can now be done in hours. And as you know, these types of jobs are billed by the hour, so you are saving a considerable amount of money on the project.

And if cost-effectiveness is not enough to win you over, then the reduction in destruction should be. The old process requires a large trench from your house to the street. And that trench needed to be large enough for workers to climb in and access the pipe. But now, all you have is a hole at each end of the new line. So you do not need to replace your lawn, landscape, driveway, or sidewalks that would otherwise have been damaged.

Finally, the new sewer line installed with the pipe bursting process lasts for around 50 years. This is about twice the life expectancy of other materials. So in most cases, once you have your sewer line replaced, it will last far beyond your ownership of the house.

To learn more about pipe bursting and how it can cost-effectively replace your worn-out sewer line, call (818) 740-6830. The pros at Turbo Plumbing & Rooter will provide you with a complete cost quote for your home.

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